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About us

Finanspol Group Ltd is a professional company providing high quality financial and consulting services. We offer support in the field of accounting, HR and payroll services, tax settlements, benefits and more. Our goal is to provide better control over financesand to create a clear vision of the future. We serve clients from all over Great Britain for over 6 years. We provide services to both private individuals and large companies with a well-developed internal structure.
We understand the complexity of processes characteristic of a corporation. We support the Polish community, we sponsor events for our compatriots.
Comprehensive knowledge of English legislation and practical knowledge of regulations in the field of finance and accounting allow us to choose an offer tailored to individual customer needs.
We are a young, energetic team focused on development, effectively implementing tasks that go beyond the standard range of services.


  • Application for National Insurance Number
    It gives the opportunity to identify the person in the tax office and verify tax and insurance payments made by his/her employer over all contribution years. Having NIN is necessary for the possibility of obtaining additional benefits from the state.
  • PAYE (Pay As You Earn) Tax Settlement)
    Not only self-employed persons and company directors should calculate their tax own liability. This shall be done also by people employed on a contract basis or working for agencies. They should verify the amounts paid to HMRC as sometimes tax deductions may be overpaid or underpaid.
  • Translations
    We offer comprehensive translations of documents as well as the possibility of going out with clients to offices/hospitals and other places where a person who speaks fluent English is necessary.
  • Money transfers to Poland
    Through cooperation with Ria, we can make cash transfers, in result of which cash is possible to collect at specific ATM points (Euronet ATMs in Poland).
  • Government Gateway Account
    Personal Tax Account on the HMRC’s website. Most official matters – including benefits- can be controlled via this webpage. In addition, the taxpayer can verify his/her employment status, the amount of national insurance contributions paid, control the amount of taxes, change personal data and receive official correspondence from HMRC.
  • Benefits
    Employment and Support Allowance, Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Maternity Allowance

Our motto

We will provide better control over finances and create a clear vision of the future.

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Business Clients

  • Limited Companies
    Registration, change of data, liquidation, accounting, tax settlements
  • Self – Employment
    Registration, accounting, Self-Assessment Tax Returns, cessation
  • Partnerships
    Registration, accounting, Partnership Tax Returns, cessation
  • Payroll – employees and wages
    As the only company in the region we offer a salary calculation in the Umbrella system (beneficial for both employers and employees), we also provide calculation services in the commonly used Payroll system and we mediate in the settlement of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)
  • VAT settlements
    Registration in the system, deregistration, change of data, calculation and submission of VAT returns to the Tax Office
  • Rozliczenia CIS – Construction Industry Scheme
    Registration in the system, calculation of settlements, reporting, registration for Gross Payments

Other services

We offer a very wide range of further help as we try to meet the needs of our clients

  • Appeals against HMRC and Companies House penalties
  • Set up of the business bank account
  • Application for a European Health Insurance Card
  • Assistance in making payments for fines and penalties
  • Purchase of plane/ferry/bus tickets
  • Application for a UK residence card
  • Assistance in writing of formal letters
  • Change of data in the tax office / other institutions


Due to the fact that economic entities differ in size, characteristics and operational specification, we have decided to present our offer to companies in several possible variants.
The Light package is intended mainly for less developed units, companies wishing to dump the ballast of additional activities are recommended to choose Premium Package, while business entities striving for full independence should opt for the Pro Package.

We recommend to contact us before making your decision.


£59 /monthly
  • Bookkeeping up to 30 documents / monthly
  • Accounts
  • CT600
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£99 /monthly
  • Bookkeeping up to 60 documents / monthly
  • Accounts
  • CT600
  • PAYE up to 5 employees (including directors)
  • Confirmation Statement
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£139 /monthly
  • Bookkeeping up to 100 documents / monthly
  • Accounts
  • CT600
  • PAYE up to 10 employees (including directors)
  • Director’s Self-Assessment
  • Confirmation Statement
  • Invoicing
  • Company CIS reports
  • VAT reports and tax settlement
  • Tax advisory
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£399 /monthly
  • Bookkeeping with no limit for the amount of documents
  • Accounts
  • CT600
  • PAYE up to 10 employees (including directors)
  • Director’s Self-Assessment
  • Confirmation Statement
  • Invoicing
  • Company CIS reports
  • VAT reports and tax settlement
  • Personal and Business tax advisory
  • National Statistics Reports
  • Correspondence with HMRC, Companies House and other authorities
  • Intermediary Reports
  • Unlimited time of consultations
  • Business mail handling service
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Prices given above are net prices. Please remember to add VAT amount (20%).
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